Bid Review

Responding to a Funders Invitation to Tender is essentially a sales process. Bid writing provides your Company with the opportunity to demonstrate how your expertise will meet the Funders requirements.

For Companies new to bid writing finalising your document can be a daunting task. Experienced Writers will know how easy it is to become ‘emotionally involved’ and ‘word blind’, and often the funders requirements become secondary to the pressure of completing all tasks in time to meet the bid deadline.

Our Bid Managers provide a Bid Review service. They will provide impartial feedback after matching your draft document to the Funders requirements. They will advise you how to enhance your message, succinctly, professionally and persuasively.

We are not here to dissemble your bid in order for you to take up further services from us, we are here to offer honest expertise to help you win.

In short - it’s our business to help you grow your business.

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