Sharon WelchSharon Welch established Bid Writer Consultancy in 2014, to help companies of all sizes and sectors successfully win private and public sector funding.

With over 30 years experience of winning new business across various sectors, Sharon recognised that many companies were increasingly engaging bid writing agencies to write their tenders.

With central government spendng over 26% of its procurement budget with SMEs, totalling a £12.1bn and with the government pledging to increase this to 33% by 2020. Sharon knew that the need for affordable support to respond to tendered opportunities has never been greater.

We are not an agency! This means that we do not add bid management fees to our rates. Our aim is to match you with the most suitable writer to help you win more business.

As a member of the Federation of Small Businesses and the Association of Proposal Management Professsionals, Sharon works with experienced and award winning bid writers who are committed to offering their skills at rates that businesses of all sizes can afford.

Our writers have extensive experience in bid management across a wide variety of sectors including Highways Maintenance & Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Learning & Skills, Welfare & Employment, Health, Wellbeing & Disability, Enterprise, Domiciliary Care, Interpreting and Catering.

In addition to writing, we provide expertise in designing and developing your offer to funders to exceed key performance indicators and ensuring quality standards are met.

Our team will work with you to gain understanding of your organisation: your culture, objectives and challenges. They will support you to identify the unique aspects of your business to help funders recognise why you should be awarded the contract. 

If you require support to win more business we wlll provide:

       *  A Writer / Bid Manager dedicated to your company 

       *  Out of hours support if required

       *  Affordable rates

        * Honest opinion to help improve your win rates


Expanding the Bid Writer Consultancy team

 At Bid Writer Consultancy we're aware of the growing importance within many opportunities for the need to address sustainability, social inclusion and the digital environment. These areas are now often major themes to be considered within a bid project, and in many cases are the basis of a tender in their own right.

 So we're delighted to have grown our team with two new associate writers with expertise in these areas. Our new colleagues Donna Galt and Annette King will bring new perspectives and ideas, plus valuable experience from their impressive track-records.

 Donna has written and delivered successful bids in areas such as infrastructure and technology; using her focus on Sustainable Business Leadership, a concept which centres on the financial gains that come from delivering better products and services, attracting and retaining the right people, and developing a brand and corporate culture with ethical behaviour at its core.  Donna’s previous successes have included Birmingham City Council’s £9 million cycling infrastructure bid and The City Wifi Zone and Superfast Broadband Project.

Annette is absolutely passionate about digital, financial and social inclusion, and in 2013 was named as one of the top 20 Digital Leaders by Digital by Default news.  She  brings a wealth of knowledge of digital projects in sectors including housing, education, employment, environmental and health. This comes alongside experience of winning bids from funding bodies such as Innovate UK, Horizon 2020, ERDF, DWP ESIF, Interreg and  DCLG Communities.

 Donna and Annette bring yet more diverse experience to our team and will be great assets in our mission to help clients grow their business through winning tenders.

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