Tenders, Bids and Funding Applications come in all shapes and sizes and each Funders requirements differ, even when they require the same service or product. Funding opportunities range from the strategic “must win”, long-term, high value bids, to those of varying values and contract lengths. Good bid management should cover all and minimise the cost of bidding and resource commitment required from the Company.

A good bid can place a Company in a position to grow and make profits. A bad bid may lose money and damage Company reputations.

Winning a bid requires a thorough, systematic process to increase success rates.

Each procurement process typically consists of several predefined stages. Our experienced Bid Managers will provide support every step of the way to help you successfully win business.

Bid management is not just the submission of well written content; careful planning needs to take place to identify why the Funder should choose your Company. During the planning process we will support you to convey how you will manage risks associated with implementation and quality of delivery.

Our experienced Bid Managers will work with your Company to detail an internal strategy, which may involve team meetings, workshops and brainstorming sessions to capture the unique aspects of your companies success and ensure that your bid is comprehensive, compelling and deliverable within budget. They will work with your team to write the application, making technical writing spring to life - painting a clear picture of your companies experience and expertise.

Our approach, of providing a dedicated Bid Manager, to coordinate all bid contributors, is proven to reduce the stress involved with juggling your Companies operational commitments and meeting bid deadlines.

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